Lately I am very into iphone apps. Here are the top 10 to consider…

1. Instagram – free. Has creative filters but limited. Great for sharing photos.
2. Camera+ .99 cents. Great for shooting. You can set exposure and focus area. Retouching, changing color, contrast, and clarity is a cinch.
3. Hipstamatic $1.99 – not great for shooting because it’s slow but you can create a unique look. You can choose different types of films, lenses and flashes. It’s similar to Instagram but has more filters.
4. ProHDR – $1.99. This app allows you to shoot an auto HDR just like the Apple version but also allows you to take 3 or more images individually by tapping on the light and dark areas that you would like to capture manually. This normally leads to being able to capture a very large range of tones.
5. Photoshop Express – Free. Simple and free to use to edit photos but not the best A good place to start though.

6. Photoforg2 – $1.99. Gives you incredible control over retouching.
7. TiltShift Generator – .99 cents. A very simple app that allows you to create fake depth-of-field blur that can create miniature effects or just help to isolate the focal point of an image.
8. Pano – $1.99. If you’re looking around for a solid option to shoot panoramic images, you have found it.
9. MonoPhix – .99 cents. It’s a sort of traditional black and white lab that has vignetting, channel adjustment, grain reduction or enhancement and Infrared options. Does a great job for converting color images to monochrome.
10. AutoStitch Panorama – $1.99. Has more features than autostitch. You are able to make double wide and double height images and you can use images you already have shot and stitch them together at a later date.

If I missed any apps that you like, please let me know. Always looking for new apps to try out!