I am often asked, “I want a new camera, what should I buy?”

In my opinion, it doesn’t make sense to purchase a point and shoot camera unless it has manual features because it’s easy to just whip out your iphone.

The new micro 4:3 cameras with interchangeable lenses are definitely worth looking exploring. They are fast, small, lightweight, easy to use and have a lot of very cool features.

Check out the Sony NEX 6 or 7 mirrorless camera and the Olympus OMD. Beautiful images — but the cameras and lenses aren’t cheap. The body and kit lens run anywhere from $800-$1300.

However, if you aren’t a professional photographer or serious hobbyest, they could replace your digital SLR and your back will definitely benefit from not carrying around all that heavy equipment!

Here is a helpful review of the NEX 6.


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