I am beyond pleased to announce that the book will be released by Powerhouse books on September 26th.

Click HERE now to pre-order the book on AMAZON!!!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell all your friends, family and organizations that you belong to check it out. I want so much for people to be educated about rare genetic conditions and to “meet” the incredible kids and families in this book.



An Ordinary Day displays photographs set against intimate conversations, presenting the stories of 27 families living with children with rare genetic conditions. Readers will fall in love with each child, share in their struggles and victories, and celebrate the life-affirming spirit captured in every image. The book–featuring interviews, along with unforgettable photographs–presents a transfixing narrative of struggles failed and battles won. These brave children include Ethan, a 7-year-old who is nonverbal, as he learns to sign to communicate his needs; Jonathan, a 9-year-old, as he finally is able to eat with a spoon after many failed trials; and Madison, a 5-year-old, as she takes her first step after years of crawling. These are all tasks that are taken for granted by families and children without these disorders, but are immense accomplishments and triumphs for children afflicted with rare genetic conditions. The intimate portraits in An Ordinary Day will inspire hope, empathy, and gratitude in all of us.

Piercing and unforgettable, An Ordinary Day illuminates what it means to be a family.