Here are 5 tips to keeping in mind when posing kids.

1) Shoulders are the largest part of a kids body. When photographing them, have them swing their arms to shift their shoulders back away from the camera.

2) Hands show the child’s comfort level. Make sure to pay attention to them. They should be relaxed and not gripping each finger for dear life. ¬†Also make sure not to crop the hands off at the wrist. Use them for gestures like pulling a face close to them or putting them on their hips to strike a pose.

3) Arms are great for bending. Straight arms aren’t as interesting.

4) Similar to arms, legs are great for bending. Avoid cropping at joints, feet, ankles or knees.

5) Pay attention to the curves their body makes. Position them with hands in pockets or on hips and have them tilt their bodies. S curves make compositions more compelling.

Most importantly, let them be silly and have fun.