Photographing children can be challenging and when they are your own , it can be even more difficult. Here are some tips to keep in mind when photographing your family.

• Are your subjects doing something they love? If you’re shooting them “happy” – be it playing in the park, or listening to a bedtime story, you’ll get the best results. Ask them to sing there favorite song, dress up, run through an open field, etc.

• Be creative. Photograph your subject from a variety of angles & distances.

• Consider location. When choosing a location, be sure to assess the background.

• Understand your equipment. Ready your manual so that you can achieve your technical
and artistic goals.

• Available light. Find the direction of your light source and place your subject accordingly.

• Fill Flash. Use your flash to fill in shadows around the eyes and the rest of the face even on
a sunny day.

• Timing is everything. Be patient and wait for the right moment to press the shutter – even
if that moment comes on a different day.

• Have another adult on the scene. It’s tough trying to be a successful mom and
photographer at the same time!

• Bribery can be a very successful way to get your kids to smile in your photographs. Ice Cream cones, lollipops can make for some delightful images.

• Document the firsts… first baths, first birthdays, first bike rides, sledding and more.

For more suggestions, click here.   If all else fails or you prefer to be in the photographs, hire a professional and contact me to learn more about how I work.