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New York city is a great big place. Not only in how many ways that statement can be taken, but specifically for the shutterbugs. And boy do wedding photographers abound in New York city. It’s not uncommon to see wedding photographers flashing away at “the fountain” in Central Park. Even further, it’s not uncommon to see more than one lensman at a time there, directing those who are having wedding pictures taken. It is the spot for many marrying couples and wedding parties alike to take wedding photos.
While the title to this article says “top five,” unless you’re including Annie Liebowitz and four other notable photographers on the list of top five, due to the very subjective nature of who snaps the best wedding pictures for a wedding album, it’s really difficult to frame the top five. Nevertheless, the following five photographers are certainly worthy of your consideration when planning for a wedding photographer. Each one is from a different section of New York city.