I have to ask… How many people out there are thinking twice about buying a point and shoot camera now that the cameras on our phones are getting so good? I for one am! The fact that my phone is always with me and I always have access to a camera is amazing. No more back aches from heavy equipment on a day to day basis. The only problem is quality.

If I were to print these images I am sure they would not hold up to the standard I am accustomed. Am I really willing to give up quality for ease and fun? Different filters and adjustments I can make in seconds while sitting on the subway or in traffic makes it very appealing. Also the ease i which I can share the images is great. Send me your thoughts on this. Also, has anyone printed any images from the new iPhone?

If you want to learn more about smartphone photography, The JCC is offering a class on learning how to better utilize your iPhone for photos. Check it out