I have a student, Joyce Manowitz, who loves to manipulate her photographs. I thought it might interest you to learn how she does it.

The first image in each set is the original.

1. Transferred photo from camera to IPhoto.

2.  Click on edit and enhanced the photo.

3. Dropped the photo into elements.

4. Clicked on Filter, distort, polar coordinates: clck on polar to rectangle.

5.Clicked on filter distort shear: clicked on wrap around.

6. Clicked on color hue and saturation

7. Clicked on image crop.

8. Clicked on file save.



1. Transferred the picture from the camera into I Photo.

2. Clicked on edit and enhanced the photo.

3. Clicked on rotate and rotated the photo 90 degrees to the right.

4. Clicked on crop and cropped it.

5. Clicked on straighten  and straighten the photo.

6. Clicked on adjust and and clicked on levels exposure contrast, sharpness and reduce noise.  

7. Clicked on done and dropped the photo into Elements.

8. Clicked on Enhance , adjust color hue and saturation.

9. Clicked on Lighting. shadows, highlights,  brightness contrast and levels.

10. File and save the photo.



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