Many people capture action with photographs, but fail to realize the importance of writing a caption for those photographs. Write captions to help organize, identify and share your pictures.
1. Give the photograph a one or two word title. For digital photographs, you can help organize photographs by name. The one or two word title allows the photograph to be categorized better.
2. Keep the photograph caption sentences short and simple. Use one or two paragraphs to capture the image’s action. If you need more detail because the photograph is the main focus of an article, then give more detail in later paragraphs of the caption.
3. Use active verbs. Try verbs that best describe the action. Use strong verbs. Even if people in the photograph aren’t involved in a high action shot, use descriptive verbs to get the subtle action, such as feelings or background information.
4. Make details of the event important in the photograph. Write down exact details of the event and be certain to include the who, what, where, when, why and how of the event.
5. Add quotes to the photograph. Add to the emotional appeal of the photograph by adding quotes by the people involved in the photograph’s action. Be sure to attribute these quotes properly even if the person wants to remain anonymous.
6. Write down the date. Dates are important especially for historical photographs.